December 2018

For the month of December , As requested by some of our followers we shifted to a points based system. Here I will report monthly points totals across the month.

We close the month with 112pts profit. It was a great Xmas period that really made the month. Onto Jan where we will adjust the format a bit more

DatePts P&L Monthly Running
31-Dec-201810.38pts Down +112.07
30-Dec-20180.45 pts Up +122.45
29-Dec-20188.85pts Up +122
28-Dec-201829.4pts Up+113.15
27-Dec-201856.42pts up+83.75
26-Dec-201814pts Up+27.33
25-Dec-2018No RacingNo Racing
24-Dev-2018No RacingNo Racing
23-Dec-2018No RacingNo Racing
22-Dec-20182.3pts Down +13.33
21-Dec-20182.05pts Up+15.63
20-Dec-2018Day OffDay Off
19-Dec-201818.33pts Down+13.08
18-Dec-20186pts Down +31.41
17-Dec-20188.25pts Up+37.41
16-Dec-20188pts Down+29.16
15-Dec-20186.5pts Down+37.16
14-Dec-201820.4pts up +43.66
13-Dec-20181.5pts Up +23.26
12-Dec-20184.55pts Up +21.76
11-Dec-2018Day OffDay Off
10-Dec-20186.5pts Down+17.21
09-Dec-20186.45pts Down+23.71
08-Dec-20186.65pts Up+30.16
07-Dec-20183.6pts Down +23.51
06-Dec-20181.22pts Down+27.11
05-Dec-201826.1pts Up+28.33
04-Dec-20185.87pts Down+2.23
03-Dec-201810pts Down+8.1
02-Dec-201816.6 Up+18.1
01-Dec-20181.5pts Up +1.5