Views on Paid subscription services.

A topic that comes up frequently in our Whatsapp chat room is the views on sharing tips from subscription services.
There are many different opinions here, and I will only share my views here although I know it will not be in agreement with everyone.

I believe in Value, When I say Value, I feel if you pay for anything in life and you get value out of it the cost is irrelevant. Netflix is a good example. I pay £9.99 a month for Netflix, and initially, I would say this appears expensive, That said in our household I would say there are 20-30 hours of content watched per month between family members. I believe this is a good value product for the cost laid out for it. The opposite can be said for the SkySports full package; I feel that the current price for the “All-In.” package does not offer me value for the 1-2 football matches I will watch and one movie ( Max)

So I guess I’m trying to steer the discussion to assess the value and what you get out of your payment If it works then you generally keep it, it not its time to rethink where you spend your hard-earned cash.

Now let’s get to Tipping subscriptions,

I would imagine that most tipsters dream of giving up the day job eventually to invest more time in the sport that they are passionate about. So a successful tipster could potentially only get better if he has more study time. Netflix is not getting better because everyone is sharing login details right?, So I feel that if you have paid an amount for a service and you are getting the value, you should promote that service to friends and family to help turn it into a Win-Win situation.

Rather than look at estimated tipsters results lets look at the results we have had. I’m going to reference points and to keep context I will even go as low as a 50p stake per point.

November 18 – 188.8 pts up = £94.40
December 18 – 112.07 pts up = £56
January 18 – 70.59 pts up = £35.29
Feb ( to date ) – 40.04pts up = £20.02

These results are achieved with my source spending approx 4 hours of his day watching replays / going through form archives and other research ( as I expect other tipsters) So the questions I think are relevant are

If you paid £10 a month for these results would you be happy with your investment?
Could your tipster potentially get better if he could rely on the loyalty of his subscribers to help grow the support to enable him to study more?
You could be risking your membership if you get caught ( we know this happens) so why risk a good thing?

So my conclusion is this,

I would not encourage people to risk losing their investment to a “good thing” by sharing If anything negotiate with the tipster a referral bonus that may see you get £1 a month off for each person you recommended to get your subscription free eventually. I know from my source that if he had 8 hours a day in front of the computers, his points returned per month would probably double. As we stand today, we can get bets on; We have a healthy staking plan and bank we bet out of and we are having a lot of fun providing tips you all of you so in the short term do not worry about us changing the model.

I hope this helps

Thanks from the team at Peter’s TopTips

ps. The temptation to put £5 a point and quote £940, £560, £350 and £200 is also there, but I understand many of my followers are probably following other tipsters so going small keeps the relevance there, but do think about the bigger long term potential

Points explained and advised points bank

We have a mix of experienced and what I can say “Beginner Betters” who see the excitement of winning.
As many will know, The temptation to see a big winning betslip and want part of it can often get the better of us. We need to step back and think about our circumstances and how much we can afford to lose.

At peterstoptips, our aim is two-fold, One. Let’s enjoy racing. Two, let’s give ourselves the best chance of making money. So first let’s look at how points work.

Let’s look at a typical days list on Peterstopstips main page.

1.35 New – Room At The Top 0.75 points e/w 18/1
1.40 Fairy – Tens or Better 2 points win 11/4 
1.50 Kem – Bags Groove 3 points win 15/8
3.40 Chep – Samburu Shujaa 2 points win 7/2 
4.15 Chep – Overtown Express 1.5 points e/w 11/2
4.45 Kemp – Sleight of Hand 0.75 points e/w 10/1  
4.50 Chep – Modeligo 0.75 points e/w 16/1 

14.5pts out

You will see that we put a points stake next to each bet. The idea here is so that all followers can adjust their stake to an amount that helps them join all bets posted.
Let’s use £1 a point as a starting level. If you were to follow all of our tips at this level on the day listed below, you would lay out 14.5 points. This should equate to £14.50 for the day, if this is within your acceptable range of betting then its a good starting point.

I often say you should think the worst case scenario and see if you would be ok with losing £14.50 on a set of picks posted and answer that question first.

What size Bank should I hold?

For the points outlay that we at peterstoptips can have, I think a safe bank size is about 200 points ( although looking at our results 100 points should also be fine).
Some days we are about 20-30 points out and although it’s usually a great day racing to enjoy and follow we have to remember we will have bad days.

Holding a 200 point bank should compensate for this and keep the emotions out of betting. Now, let’s go back and combine the 2.

Bank Size – 200 points
Cash Pot – £100
We advise you should be betting at 50p a point.

I know for many that would not be fun, but it would keep those negative emotions out of betting, and if you think about the long game, you will see that some months we have a profit of 100+ points. that’s still £50 on such a small stake.
What we often see is a bit of greed, and lack of discipline creep in, and people will try multiple bets ( bookies love this) or that “Fancy” one over the other and go £10 win. THIS IS WHERE 90% OF PUNTERS LOSE

Building Pots

We are all here to try and make money and enjoy the sport.

So how do I build pots? I would advise you to look at two approaches.

Take out profit each month and get back to a 200point bank.
If we hit 50 points profit a month, Take the money out, Pay a bill and enjoy your benefit. You would have worked hard for it, so you have a right to enjoy.


A way to build wealth and this is what we do at peterstoptips, At the end of the month, look at your new bank size and divide it by 200 to get a new stake size.
£100 as we previously stated = 50p a point.
If we look Januarys results, you will see we made 70points.
70 points would equal £35

New Bank Total = £135
Point size for Feb = £135 / 200 = 67.5p per point.

You will soon see your pot grow very safe to allow for bad days without big emotion and if you repeat this throughout the year, you will see your point stake increase.

Selections for Feb 23rd

1.35 New - Room At The Top 0.75 points e/w 18/1
1.40 Fairy - Tens or Better 2 points win 11/4 

1.50 Kem - Bags Groove 3 points win 15/8 - Winner 8.63
3.40 Chep - Samburu Shujaa 2 points win 7/2 - Winner 8.3 r4
4.15 Chep - Overtown Express 1.5 points e/w 11/2
4.45 Kemp - Sleight of Hand 0.75 points e/w 10/1  
4.50 Chep - Modeligo 0.75 points e/w 16/1 

14.5pts out
16.93 back

Selections for Feb 22nd

3.30 Ling - Holdenhurst 1.5 points e/w 6/1  
4.40 Ling - Clovely Bay 1 point e/w  9/1 4places Dead Heat - 1.4
4.50 Exe - Molineaux 1.5 points win 4/1 
5.30 Dun - Togoville 2 points win 3/1 
7.00 Dun - Tynamite 1.5 points e/w 7/1 
7.30 Dun - Ice Bullet 1.5 points win 8/1 - - WInner 12.9 r4
7.30 Dun  - Ifyouhaveaminute 1 point win 8/1 
8.30 Dun - Namazee 0.75 points e/w 18/1 

15.5pts out
14.3 Back