Are you able to provide the stats against LSP

A question we get asked a lot from what I would say "The more professional punters" is for us to provide states on our picks versus level stakes. 
We have met about this a few times as a team and it's not what we want to do. We have the data available and have sent this to a few when requested. But we bet on a points bank and bets will range between 1 - 5pts based on how much we fancy it.
Where level stakes can provide an "even footing" for some to evaluate us it's not completely relative for our target audience (and our own pattern) so its not something we report on.
We are 3 (4 with the source) friends who work full time and are doing our best to provide real-time tips to a lot of people free of charge. We aim to be fully transparent with our picks and ask that people look through the site for the results and you can work this out yourself, failing that we advise you pick a day and paper trade on level stakes and draw your own conclusion.
We hope that if we get more time in the future we are able to report on LSP as well as other reporting values we often get asked (BSP is also another popular one)

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