Recent Performance

Hi All,

After receiving many questions about why the services has taken such a poor run I thought I’d take a few moments to share my thoughts.

Ultimately, this is the way the game goes, We are not very happy either with the way things have gone but I assure you that nothing has changed on our side.

The majority of our user base has been with us for over 1 year and however frustrating it is I think we need to go back and remind ourselves about correct bankroll management and why we need to ride out these “dips”. If we look at the 2020 performance we are still in front ( and for those a bit short-sighted we are still in good shape since racing resumed. ) but we are having a tough run here and its fair to say we are now chewing into Aug profits.

What should I do?
I would recommend people have another read of this document about bankroll management as a refresher. Where we do not like to see members leave we are also aware its the nature of the game also. But I think people who jump month to month its like catching a falling knife. It’s proven that it’s not always easy to post a winning month, but its harder to post consecutive winning months. Basically leaving a losing service in Nov to join someone for Dec ( on the back of a great Nov) is not a pattern I would recommend.

My views
For those who have met the team, I’m sure you will know that we are feeling the pain with you, I recently spoke to a few members and I think its always good to listen to others as feedback is key.
The guy I spoke to …… he pays out 3-month service and plays us at £10 a point. He keeps his attitude very simple we a few key points.

– 3 months of service equals 7 points.
– He joined in Aug so he is approx 60 points up from Aug-Oct – 7 points for his subs. ( well Aug was his first full month)
– Nov – Jan will be measure in the same way and he will take a 3-month view on the service and make a decision at the end of Jan.

I personally think there are many people out there who follow multiple tipsters and drift away from strict bankroll management per tipster. Having lots of bets a day is certainly more action, but it’s about seeing if the action brings profit. I do know a few of the preform guys that do very well and I do not knock that approach. Any system that returns overall profit is still worth the investment in my eyes.