Welcome to peterstoptips.com. 

We are a team of 4 who enjoy sports betting and want to ensure we bring the excitement, discipline and control that we believe the bookmakers fail to educate customers on.Many, if not all bookmakers continue to entice you into losing money across the sports betting platforms they offer. We are trying to raise awareness that with the right approach and discipline you can still enjoy sports betting without falling for the bookmakers attempts to get you to enter into risks that are higher that you can afford to lose. 
Since October 2018 we have decided to team up and share our strengths and tools that we feel is needed to manage bankroll / betting emotions , and take a better risk model to your betting. This is something the bookies are currently not educating people on and leads to people losing a lot more than they can afford. 

Following our system will enable you to have a better experience and gain control over how you manages your finances both inside the betting world but also for any investment you make. 

We operate in 2 real time chats on both the telegram and whattsapp platform and have people online to help set you up and answer any questions you have regarding your approach to the gaming industry. We have over 50 years experience in sports betting and bankroll management and have helped many people take a new approach to ultimately enjoy the sports and prevent losses getting out of control 

If you need external help please contact the experts at GAMCARE where they have helped many with professional help