Subscription Enquiry/Pre Registration

As many of you are aware we are about to launch a subscription service where we will offer the tips out in real time.
Right now we have hit a delay with the payments system ( and the ability to refund) so we are switching back to PayPal.
We anticipate a launch for June 1st 2019 so if you have any questions please ping me.

If you are going to be joining us , please mention that in your notes and we will add you to the list for when the paypal system is setup.

The cost for people who register before June 1st will be discounted by 20% to £19.99 and will then go back to the full price of £24.99.

We believe we are the only service out there that will offer a 100% refund on subscription charges is our Service does not return a positive profit over a month ( this is based on the same reporting format we use today)

We will still post all selections on the site as well as the full list ( Tidy View) on the day of racing to the existing Whattsapp and Telegram channels so if you do not chase the prices in real time you will see no change to the service